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A Spiritual Spanking

Two years ago I had an incredible opportunity. My job had a big conference in Nashville hosting clients from the U.S. and around the world...and as part of the conference, a talent

show. My boss was very excited about that because he wanted me to sing in the talent show. I was very excited to sing in the talent show because it was at the Country Music Hall of Fame. For this little Nashville girl that was kind of like a dream come true. So I chose my song wisely, considered my audience and my vocal ability. I chose Martina McBride's song Anyway. Now I've sung this song many times and I absolutely love it. It's rangy and the message is fantastic. In all my years of singing, I have only known one time where I could not sing. But the day I was to sing at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee I came down with laryngitis. I didn't even feel sick. I was frantic. I called all my singing buddies to get remedies to restore my vocals. One told me to drink some whiskey, which I did (yuck).

One told me to get a steroid shot which I had no time for. One told me to eat Lays potato chips, which I ate the whole bag (yuck again). One told me to eat some fried chicken, that didn't happen as I was too full from the potato chips! My laryngitis just got worse. My boss and I were frantic. I wanted to do a good job for him but in all honesty I wanted to do a good job for me. In all honesty, I wanted to blow people away. And there was my problem. I was no longer in servant mode but master. I was striving to BE someone: different, elevated, special. What I had forgotten to realize is that my voice is a gift from God and He is the master of it. To be used as He sees fit, you see I gave control over to God as Savior a long time ago- over my life. And by doing so, gave over my will and exchanged it for His. My purpose in this life is Jesus. I was wanting to lift myself up instead of lifting Christ up. I was last on the program to sing..I took my place and squeaked out each horrible sounding note. That poor audience! They were very gracious, but man, I felt like crawling under the table. I'm not saying it's wrong for a Christian to sing at the Country Music Hall of Fame or anywhere else. In my life, in this situation I believe God wanted to use it as an example to bring my focus back to who is in control...and it's God. A spiritual re-alignment you might say, a whopping I might say! I guess we're never too old to learn something. And those things that we thought we had perhaps grown out of still need to be checked and surrendered afresh and anew. I'm glad that God the Father loves me enough to correct me. The Bible says: "For the Lord disciplines those he loves, and he punishes each one he accepts as his child." Hebrews 11:6. I am His to correct. And I'm glad. You know the word surrender usually means give up. But in God's economy, we have so much to gain when we do. I surrender my way-I follow his perfect way. I surrender my desires and He fills me with his desires that satisfy the longings of my soul I never even knew that I had. I encourage you today if there is something you are holding on to, surrender it to Him. God is a debtor to no man or middle-aged singer either! By surrendering, he will provide your heart with more joy by following Him than any smidgeon of happiness you may have gained by following your own will. I promise and so does He.